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Great book. So good for any brain injury survivor or families of, caregivers or general public to understand what it’s like to live with a brain Injury. I can so relate to this book from my brain injury, her personality being similar to mine and the dedication she has and all she has done. Very inspiring and so nice to see someone else finding a purpose in a bad situation and helping others.

Jessie Munch, Goodreads Reviewer gave this book a 5-star rating

This book is a fantastic read for all. Angie’s honesty about her physical struggles, but also the mental and emotional impacts that her stroke had on her life allows the reader to have a more fully formed reality in which she lived. Her determination to “Just Pick Up the Peg” has led her life down a new path which I am sure she is incredibly proud to be a part of. Sharing her story with other stroke survivors, health care professionals, and the general public assists in spreading the word about recovery, the unknown, and moving towards a new future for stroke survivors. The book is well organized with easy to read font size and follows logical progressions with Angie’s experiences. I have, and will continue to, recommend this piece to anyone looking for a great read. 

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I am close to finishing reading this book. I am enjoying reading it so much. So beautiful written…I’ve laughed, I’ve cried and I am so glad to have a better understanding of what stroke victims and their families experience. I wish I would have understood more when my mom had a stroke years ago. Angie is my “Hero”. Thank you both, Sue and Angie so much for a great book

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5.0 out of 5 stars. Great read.

Great book. As a brain injury survivor I love reading others story’s. If you have seen one brain injury, you have seen one injury. Can’t compare your journey to anyone else’s but reading this was great to find similarities in our journeys, for other survivors or people supporting survivors or general public it’s great to read and understand what someone may deal with having a brain injury. Her determination and hard work is admirablez and she also shows the many ups and downs. Great read. You never know if something like this could happen, so it’s also great to educate yourself on some of the struggles that come from a stroke or brain Injury. The pic I uploaded I couldn’t agree with more as a brain injury survivor.

– Jessie M, reader


5.0 out of 5 stars A Wonderful Read For Stroke Survivors.

I am a stroke survivor as well and I have to say this book is very well written. The author made you feel as though you were there the whole journey (sorta like a fly on the wall watching it all unfold).I recommend this book for anyone that has had a stroke.I even recommend it to caregivers, friends and family. The best way to truly understand a stroke survivor to look at it through their eyes and the author gave us a clear picture of that in this book.

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5.0 out of 5 stars Great read

As a fellow stroke survivor, I was interested to hear another survivor’s journey with recovery and saw lots of similarities with my story. This book is a must read for anyone recovering from trauma and seeking inspiration to keep moving forward.

Madeline, reader


5.0 out of 5 stars. Never quit.

Great, inspiring read. I too am a stroke survivor having had my hemmorhagic stroke on 1/12/2017 and I still struggle to find my peace with what happened to me. Thank God for neuroplasticity and hope. As long as I have breathe in me I won’t stop trying to make a better version of myself. Stroke recovery is hard work but just like anything worthwhile doing if you put the effort into you will see the rewards and Angie is certainly proof of that.

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5.0 out of 5 stars A very stark, truthful look into the life of stroke survivors. Insightful, well written, just an amazing story of strength, bravery and resilience!

Read it and take a look inside the life of a survivor of a devastating health crisis that can change your life forever and the fight to get some resemblance of your previously normal life back

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Teri R Owens
, Reviewer in USA

As a stroke survivor myself, Angie nailed every struggle, fear and doubts we have all endured through our own journeys. As you read this book, you will cry and laugh with her, never feeling pity for her. I felt love, respect and joy for her, just as I did in my personal journey. She speaks with honesty and compassion from her darkest to brightest moments and days. I have never read a book so full of honesty, humor and empowerment before. I believe every Stroke Care facility should have a copy and 3. Most compelling book you will ever read on surviving a stroke.


5.0 out of 5 stars Courageous battle against the odds

A book that should be given to every patient, family member and staff member on a stroke rehab unit. This book is a very honest and open account of her courageous journey after suffering from a massive stroke. There is a lot of information that is so helpful on how to overcome the numerous stages of recovery from a traumatic brain injury that no one else can provide unless they have been through it themselves.
I hope that this book finds itself into the hands of many medical staff members because even though we are taught how to treat, help and encourage brain injury patients, this book gives that “first hand experience” that isn’t found in any classroom. Thank you for sharing your personal journey with the world.


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Highly recommend for anyone working in healthcare as well as stroke survivors

This was an excellent book! I would highly recommend this book as required reading for any student in health care education, for healthcare professionals working with stroke survivors, as well as stroke survivors and their support.
As Angie is a nurse, her story shows both the patient and healthcare provider’s perspective. It is so real. There is humor to lighten her story and the part on depression describes it so well. The educational books are very helpful.
It seems that Suzanne Cronkwright helped Angie get her words on paper. It reads like Angie is talking!
Linda Bosiljevac, a nurse who worked with Angie, and an reviewer


4.0 out of 5 stars Couldn’t put it down

An insightful book about the recovery process back from stroke and both the gifts and limitations that can come from a stroke. Really liked the helpful boxes with tips incorporated the throughout the chapters.

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Reviewed in Canada on July 2, 2020

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Angie is an distant extended family member. I had heard she had a stroke and also recovered. I also heard that she went into body building. If i hadnt read this book i would have had no clue about what Angie had gone through. As a depressed person i identified with that part of her illness. This book should be required reading for stroke victims/survivors. Family members of stroke victims/survivors. Also for people who have no time for others when they are going through traumatic illnesses in their lives. I am glad i purchased this book.
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Reviewed in Canada on May 30, 2020

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Emotional and Informative Must -Read

At times heart-wrenching but always honest and encouraging, this book offers detailed insight into the experiences of a stroke survivor. This is a must-read for friends and family who want to support and better understand the challenges facing someone they love who has survived a stroke.
The sidebars filled with easy to understand and useful information are educational and very much appreciated.
Thanks to Angie and her family for sharing such a difficult time in their lives. Just Pick Up the Peg will be referenced over and over again- well written and essential reading for both stroke survivors and those who love them.


I downloaded this book on a rainy Sunday, and it didn’t disappoint..

I had read the first 25 chapters.
The book chronicles one woman’s journey back to health, after suffering a debilitating stroke. As a nurse, she was used to life on the opposite side – being the caregiver, not the one receiving the much-needed care. While a book about this woman’s personal journey, it is also a book providing hope to not only stroke survivors (although they are the target audience), but to all people who have suffered a major health crisis – hope that their situation may end as well as Angie’s did (the author of the book).

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